For more than 30 years, Shannon & Manch has been a leading provider of legal outplacement and career transition services on behalf of some of the largest legal employers in the country. We have provided thousands of lawyers at all levels of seniority and in every area of practice with the most comprehensive, successful, and effective career transition support available.

Our Unique Approach

Our approach is unique and offers lawyers in transition with the most comprehensive, successful, and effective one-on-one support available, including:

  • Personal and Professional Goal Assessment – vocational and personality testing and interpretation by trained, certified advisors.
  • Marketplace Assessment – a thorough review of market conditions, current salary ranges, geographic differences in demand and pay, and more.
  • Resume and Interview Preparation – advice on everything from drafting resumes appropriate to each job, mastering federal government and other public agency applications, practice interviews, and pre-interview research.
  • Alternative Career Evaluation for Positions In/Out of the Legal Industry – assess alternative career options which may match individual talents and interests.
  • Business Development Strategy – assist in the creation of a well-defined, active business or marketing plan for practice or entrepreneurial effort.
  • Career Path Support – create a job search and career plan based on strengths, geographic parameters, goals, interests, and more.
  • Decision Making – assess the match between offers and discuss tactics for effective negotiating of compensation packages.
  • Skill Development – coaching on time management, interpersonal skills and other key areas.

Experience & Credentials

In addition to our internationally-recognized consulting practice that expands our knowledge base and understanding of the trends affecting lawyers, each of our career advisors and coaches has a master’s degree or beyond in the field of counseling and/or a law degree. Every member of our team is certified to administer, analyze, and interpret the full range of personality and career interest inventories. Learn more about our team

Nationwide Support

The core element of our service is the individualized guidance and advice we provide – regardless of the distance. We have career advisors available all across the country including Atlanta, Chicago, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and St. Louis. We offer the same level of one-on-one support to all of our clients, whether we are meeting with them in person or having a virtual session by phone conference.

Online Career Center

Our online career center guides clients through every stage of the legal career transition process, from self-assessment to salary negotiation. Our clients tell us that these materials are superior to anything available on the market, which leads to a more effective job search.

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