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Shannon & Manch assists firms in developing evaluation policies and procedures, training lawyers to conduct and make the best use of reviews, and aiding firms in linking evaluation results to targeted professional development efforts. Our consultants have developed more than fifty original evaluation systems for law firms, overhauled and updated many others, and trained hundreds of partners to conduct effective lawyer reviews. Specific services include the following:

What We Do:

  • Assess the effectiveness of existing policies, practices, and forms.
  • Interview partners, associates, and firm leaders to gain an understanding of past experiences, future goals for the process, and specific challenges faced.
  • Develop core competencies or performance standards and measurement criteria for use in lawyer reviews.
  • Work with practice groups and teams to develop performance benchmarks in specific practice specialties.
  • Design procedures and forms to be used in evaluation processes.
  • Create efficient administrative and oversight plans to ensure optimal functionality of the system.
  • Train partners and associates to make the best use of the process.
  • Host evaluation processes on our secure server as an outsourced function, relieving the firm of the information gathering and tabulation functions while providing a confidential reviewing environment.

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