Coaching for organizations

Performance and career coaching has become a key benefit in today’s firms. By supporting lawyers who need to hone skills and/or take their performance and contributions to the next level, firms reap the dual advantage of enhancing individual job performance and satisfaction while improving retention and overall firm performance. The latest research shows that raising individual levels of performance is the number one reason organizations seek coaching and when coaching is used for this purpose, it is highly correlated with success.
Highly Specialized Legal Coaching Professionals

The first consideration when starting any coaching program is finding the right coach. Shannon & Manch has the largest team of credentialed and experienced coaches across the United States and abroad specifically trained to work with lawyers. Each of our coaches has undergone coach training and has a master’s degree or beyond and/or a law degree. To ensure our team members maintain the highest levels of ethical and professional standards, we conduct monthly internal coach training, provide ongoing professional development and mentoring, and hold annual professional development review meetings. All Shannon & Manch coaches adhere to the International Coaching Federation code of ethics. Learn more about our specialized team of coaches.
Our Philosophy

Our coaching philosophy is based on a transformational model of learning. In over thirty years of experience coaching lawyers, we have learned that the transformational approach is the most effective and sophisticated in its ability to optimize a client’s potential and achieve sustainable results by focusing not just on developing new strategies and skills, but also on root challenge areas and opportunities for growth. All of the work we do at Shannon & Manch adheres to the transformational learning model, from our internationally-recognized consulting practice to outplacement counseling and one-on-one coaching.
Coaching Packages

We offer individualized, confidential sessions held in person, over the telephone or via video conference as well as on-site and on-call coaching solutions for lawyers.
One-on-One Coaching

Recognizing the unique nature of each lawyer’s needs, we tailor the coaching process and approach to help each client effectively break through any barriers affecting their personal and business growth, making them more efficient and effective. Coaching plans are always unique to the individual, but include the following key elements: self-assessment, identifying distinctive strengths and areas for development, examining and clarifying organizational expectations, and developing an action plan and performance measurement strategy. As the leaders in guiding lawyer career development, we offer coaching support in a wide variety of areas. Some of these include:

Marketing/Business Development
New Partner Support
Productivity Enhancement
Management/Supervisory Skills
Time and Stress Management
Communication Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Project Management
Career Planning and Ownership
Career Transition
Succession Planning
On-Site or On-Call Coaching Solutions

We know that developing lawyers benefit from one-on-one coaching, but in reality too few have access to the ongoing guidance and advice they need to be as productive, satisfied, and successful as they can be. Shannon & Manch can bring coaching to your offices, offering a cost-effective way to provide individualized support for your associates and partners.

Highly experienced career coaches can be on-site in your firm for a set length of time or be on-call in the manner that makes the most sense for your lawyers. The service can be completely flexible, giving your lawyers the highest quality career coaching available without adding full-time professional employees onto your payroll.

To learn more about how coaching can enhance the performance of your lawyers, please contact us.