Leadership Development

Challenging times have increased demands on leaders and intensified concerns for a “leadership pipeline” in many firms. Navigating the new legal marketplace will require extraordinary leadership and a leadership pipeline. Preparation is the key to developing this pipeline, as leadership capabilities do not emerge overnight. Leaders are not born – they are made and excellence at anything requires practice. Most associates and partners get little practice leading, particularly leading strategically. Read on to learn how Shannon & Manch can help your lawyers realize their full potential.

Leadership Development Programs

Our training and development programs are designed to build the leadership skills your firm needs. We help you identify the core competencies of leadership at your firm and design programs targeted to the development of those skills. We offer program models for associates and partners. Our programs can be customized to meet your firm’s needs and address these critical aspects of leadership:

  • Self awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Expectations of leaders
  • Strategic planning
  • Consensus building
  • Conflict resolution
  • Decision making
  • Establishing and working toward a vision

Leadership Coaching

Our programs can be designed to include one-on-one coaching to support lawyers in identifying developmental needs and setting goals to address them. Whether focused on the challenges inherent in managing others, interpersonal communication issues, or stepping up to meet new leadership responsibilities, coaching can be an important success strategy. Coaching plans are always unique, but include these key elements:

  • Completing a self-assessment
  • Examining and clarifying organizational expectations
  • Determining factors that will enhance or inhibit success
  • Setting priorities
  • Defining strengths and areas for development
  • Setting specific, attainable, and measurable goals
  • Developing an action plan and timeline
  • Creating a strategy to measure success

There is no set pattern for the coaching process because to be successful, we believe it should be tailored to the needs and interests of the individual. Coaching services are provided in one-on-one, confidential sessions held in person or over the telephone. We offer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and the Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior® inventories, and a customized 360° review process along with assessment tools of our own design, support materials that assist in charting progress, and access to our web-based resource materials.

Leadership & Managerial Skills Training and Workshops

Delegation, feedback and team building are critical skills for all lawyers. In order for junior lawyers to be most productive, lawyers tasked with managing projects and the performance of others can benefit from tailored workshops focused on the core skills necessary for competence as a manager and leader. We offer sessions designed to address the specific challenges supervisory lawyers face.

Some of our most popular programs include:

  • Effective Feedback: Developing communication skills among supervisory lawyers.
  • New Partner Training: Getting the new class of partners off to a great start with grounding in the foundations of leadership and performance management.
  • Developmental Supervision: Focused on helping experienced supervisors take their skills to the next level, building in more time for feedback and mentoring.
  • Leading from the Middle: Targeting the mid-level and senior associate challenges of managing both upward and downward.
  • Leadership for Women: Helping women lawyers build core skills in leading others while considering some of the unique challenges faced by women leaders.

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Coaching for individuals

Why Hire a Career Coach?

Pursuing a successful legal career, building a robust practice, balancing career with a personal life, changing jobs or deciding to follow a dream outside the traditional practice of law can seem a daunting prospect, but our highly experienced coaches can help you. Shannon & Manch, the premier provider of career advising and coaching services, offers affordable, flexible, and individualized programs for Coaching and will work with you to find the program that meets your unique needs. We have helped individuals with the following:

  • Launching a strategic job search
  • Developing a strategy to get new business and build a network, including the use of social networking
  • Charting a plan for the ideal career path, inside or outside the law
  • Improving effectiveness and efficiency through time, project, and stress management strategies
  • Communicating with confidence
  • Taking leadership and supervisory skills to the next level
  • Re-entering the legal profession after time away
  • Strategizing a plan for retiring from the full-time practice of law and entering the next career phase
  • Integrating career with personal values and vision

Our programs include most or all of the following elements: self-assessment, identifying distinctive strengths and areas for development, examining and clarifying organizational expectations, and developing an action plan.

Highly Specialized Legal Coaching Professionals

Our experienced legal career coaches provide one-on-one, confidential sessions held in person, over the telephone or via video conference. Each of our coaches has undergone coach training, has a master’s degree or beyond in the field of counseling, and/or a law degree. Learn more about our team online


In addition to one-on-one coaching, you will receive access to our career resources. They include:

    • Online Career Center: Our coaching clients are provided full access to our online Career Center, a repository of information culled from many years of experience in legal career advising. Resources include: sample resumes, addendums, business development plans, city guides, major job search engines, firm employment processes and more.


    • Library of Legal/Career Websites: Access many of the most used legal websites all from one location, making it easy for you to find what you need, when you need it.


    • AttorneyJobs.com Partnership: As a valued client, you will receive an exclusive 10% discount code for an extended subscription to AttorneyJobs.com, the premier legal job search site, just for choosing Shannon & Manch.


    • THE Lawyer’s Career Management Handbook: Recently published by West Publishing, the handbook was written by the expert advisors at Shannon & Manch. Over 700 pages of information, the Handbook guides you through your career with 50 chapters on topics such as: Self-Assessment, Market Research, Getting Unstuck, Job Search Strategies, Career and Self-Management for Diverse Lawyers, Critical Career Skills, Organizational Skills, People and Project Management, and Wellness. Our clients receive a 10% discount from West towards the purchase of this book.


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Shannon & Manch assists firms in developing evaluation policies and procedures, training lawyers to conduct and make the best use of reviews, and aiding firms in linking evaluation results to targeted professional development efforts. Our consultants have developed more than fifty original evaluation systems for law firms, overhauled and updated many others, and trained hundreds of partners to conduct effective lawyer reviews. Specific services include the following:

What We Do:

  • Assess the effectiveness of existing policies, practices, and forms.
  • Interview partners, associates, and firm leaders to gain an understanding of past experiences, future goals for the process, and specific challenges faced.
  • Develop core competencies or performance standards and measurement criteria for use in lawyer reviews.
  • Work with practice groups and teams to develop performance benchmarks in specific practice specialties.
  • Design procedures and forms to be used in evaluation processes.
  • Create efficient administrative and oversight plans to ensure optimal functionality of the system.
  • Train partners and associates to make the best use of the process.
  • Host evaluation processes on our secure server as an outsourced function, relieving the firm of the information gathering and tabulation functions while providing a confidential reviewing environment.

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